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Dec 19, 2016. As usual, this is a long post, so here's a table of contents in case there's something you want to jump to: How did I do in 2016? Looking ahead to. Shutting down TaskBook; Stats! My email list; Traffic; Book sales; Coaching; Talks ; Podcasts, webinars, quotes, and guest posts; Revenue; Wrapping up 2016.

Oct 15, 2014. Patrick McKenzie: Hideho, everybody. This is Patrick McKenzie, here with the ninth episode of the Kalzumeus Podcast. Our guest today is Samuel Hulick, who is behind My usual co‑host, Keith, couldn't make it today. I moved down to Tokyo recently [Patrick notes: And will talk about that.

I have just started freelancing and have a been a salaried developer for years. I have no clue how to charge for a project. I am going to spend a few days at the client’s offices analysing their excel spread sheets to understand their current.

Guest Blogs. Can a Tech Company Build a City? Ask Google. Posted on February 8, 2018 by Anonymous By SARAH BARNS. Sidewalk.

Explore the best & latest from on. Several years ago I wrote a blog post on salary. Keith and I are joined by special guest Jay.

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NOTE: Ever wonder what the secret sauce is to writing a guest post pitch that gets accepted? This was a popular topic on my blog five years ago, and it still is.

May 31, 2012. That's a specific example, in generalities you'll get: exclusive looks at software/ marketing topics which for whatever reason aren't right for this blog; announcements when I produce something of particular interest to you (like e.g. my Business of Software presentation, which is the smartest/funniest I've ever.

In most episodes, an expert in a particular topic joins the show as a guest, and we go into deep technical detail. Courtland Allen was a guest on Software Engineering Daily a few months ago, when he discussed. Continue. Patrick McKenzie has been writing about this topic for several years on his blog

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Just over two years ago, I was invited to the first Pitch at Palace event in St. James’ Palace, hosted by The Duke of York. Held every six months, hundreds of.

Apr 3, 2017. Patrick McKenzie, known as “patio11” on Hacker News and elsewhere, is a blogger, consultant, and all-around public intellectual on subjects related to software and business. He's also, as it happens, an. Awesome guest – a really interesting figure from a totally different sphere to mine. I'll definitely be.

NOTE: Ever wonder what the secret sauce is to writing a guest post pitch that gets accepted? This was a popular topic on my blog five years ago, and it still is.

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At some point over the years, I graduated from being an engineer to running a software business. I've been blogging regularly since 2006 — check out my greatest hits for a curated list of the best stuff I've produced, or read this if you want the brief overview. Kalzumeus Software is named after a dragon in a long- forgotten.

Jan 8, 2015. This one's great if you want to get deep into one single, can't-miss formula for writing on social media or blogs. 6. My All Time. I started thinking about the possibilities of guest posting thanks to Think Traffic founder Corbett Barr's blog posts and articles on the topic. by Patrick McKenzie, Kalzumeus.

Aug 27, 2013. I'm joined here by special guest Nathan Barry, author of “Authority,” founder of ConvertKit, and a guy who has a few other things in his expanding product. He writes a bunch of books and has a popular blog and stuff, but he kept telling me the idea of writing 1,000 words a day, basically the idea of making.

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10. 12 Things You Should Be Using Your Blog For (Besides Blogging) by Corey Eridon, HubSpot. My favorite tip: Go into your old blog posts and make them great.

This is a guest post from Patrick McKenzie. Patrick is the founder of Kalzumeus software. Patrick has several successful SaaS businesses and has recently been making fistfulls of money for his consulting clients by helping them implement lifecycle emails. Take it away Patrick. No startup has ever died because they spent.

Jan 26, 2015. Patrick McKenzie has made a name for himself as a respected thought leader in the SaaS marketing space. He has a popular blog called Kalzumeus and runs an appointment reminder service fittingly called Appointment Reminder. He's also the creator of Bingo Card Creator. As a well known member of.

Jan 10, 2011. that are present as fields in forms. All others are protected. (I'd rather have everything protected by default.) In other words: assume all data sent by clients will be maliciously tampered. Edit: relevant blog post 2010/09/22/security-lessons-learned-from-the-diaspora-launch/.

Wealthy Affiliate Warrior Forum Hi to all, Claude posted yesterday that he missed my Sunday rambles. I wasn't planning on writing one, but I came across this judgment of an interesting lawsuit (thanks, Yuki, for finding it). It's a… In this weeks edition of under the microscope we take a look at the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum – Scam, Legit or Complete Waste of. My Wealthy Affiliate. What is the warrior forum. the first thing I’ve noticed inside Wealthy Affiliate. Is the wealthy affiliate. on “Is the wealthy affiliate worth it. What is Wealthy Affiliate About?. Now, in this article, you will get

Dec 1, 2014. Kalzumeus. This podcast by Patrick McKenzie and Keith Perhac is gold. These guys live in a small town in Japan and do semi-regular podcasts. They cover topics. Rob started blogging and podcasting because he couldn't find much on this topic and decided to post his thoughts out there. This podcasts.

His blog, Kalzumeus, is a treasure trove of excellent advice, especially if you are like me – a developer with a strong business interest. The workshop. Check out Nathan Barry's great guest post on the topic. On the Kalzumeus podcast, Patrick McKenzie and Keith Perhac discuss ways to productise consulting. This is a.

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If I am at a conference as a guest or speaker, my explicit goal for being there is to talk to you. I'm easy to spot: tall geeky guy with glasses wearing (90%+ probability) a red track jacket (my trademark after years of being Twilio's biggest fan) or something Stripe-branded if I'm there for work. Come up and introduce yourself.

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Sep 28, 2015. What is a javascript closure. 20 September 2015. This is a guest post By Cory Parrish. A developer currently working at ADP. It's an explanation of what closures are from a javascript perspective.

I have just started freelancing and have a been a salaried developer for years. I have no clue how to charge for a project. I am going to spend a few days at the client’s offices analysing their excel spread sheets to understand their current.

Dec 08, 2017  · Below is the next in a series of Guest Blogs on BRHP. The opinions expressed in this Guest Blog are of Marc Arazi himself. Publication of these opinions in.

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Oct 11, 2012. Patrick: And our special guest, Brennan Dunn, of Planscope and “Double Your Freelancing Rate.” Keith: Woo!. I run a solo consultancy focused largely on selling more software for B2B software/SaaS companies, which often involves the sort of marketing-by-building you see on this blog. Keith runs a.

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