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The FDA approves a new cannabis-based drug, Epidiolex, made by GW Pharmaceuticals for two separate trials involving children with intractable epilepsy. Six different non-psychoactive cannabinoids were shown to inhibit growth of leukemia.

An Amazing Group of Talented Frugal Bloggers. Boy, are we pumped to be able to bring you the top 25 best frugal/thrifty living blogs for the coming year!

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The US continues to be the best country in the world to learn computer science, although rivals including Japan and China are jumping up the rankings. Six out of the world’s top 10 universities for teaching computer science are US institutions.

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These are our picks for Best 100 Nutrition Blogs of 2015. Enjoy! Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the.

The following parenting websites and blogs crunch all the info together for busy parents. These are the best parenting websites and blogs of the year.

These are our picks for Best 100 Nutrition Blogs of 2015. Enjoy! Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the.

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There’s a dizzying number of blogs out there, all tempting us to procrastinate at work. But it’s hard to know which sites are truly trustworthy, entertaining.

Apart from one analysis of the most popular science blogs last year, and an anthology of some of the best blog posts in 2006, there’s really no guide to help inform you about what blogs you should be reading if you are interested in.

This translates into a sobering reality: once we become fat, most of us, despite our best efforts, will probably stay fat. Researchers know that obesity tends to run in families, and recent science suggests that even the desire to eat higher.

If Google‘s first science fair is any indication, the top scientists of the future will be women. Google has announced the fair’s winners, and they are all young women. Shree Bose, age 17, from Fort Worth, Tex., won the grand prize for.

This report confirms what many in government have suspected for years and is the reason why Congress mandated this report in the first place: our nation’s top nutrition policy is not based on sound science. In order to “develop a.

From Paul Krugman to Freakonomics to the Consumerist, we compiled a list of the most influential (and useful) finance blogs out there and then asked some of the best.

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Total Recall – This science fiction movie is a remake of the original Total Recall movie. While this one likely won’t be picking up a Best Picture nomination, it should be a good time at the movies. 7. Battleship – Another movie that won.

A lot of college rankings are based mostly on intangibles and impressions. One of the biggest of those, for instance, is the U.S. News Best Colleges ranking. It uses data such as “freshman retention and graduation rates” but also “the strength.

Biodiversity is in the news. 2010 is the UN Year of Biodiversity, which has done much to raise public awareness. So inevitably we are seeing more blogs dedicated to.

Canada’s largest union representing scientists and professional public employees now estimates that between 2013 and 2016, $2.6 billion and 5,064 jobs will be cut from 10 science-based federal. writes about energy for The Tyee and.

Oct 12, 2007  · Now, with government experts questioning the safety and effectiveness of cold medications for kids, the best option for parents this cold and flu season.

Dec 27, 2017  · Nothing comes for free, especially online. Websites and apps that don’t charge you for their services are often collecting your data or.

Here are our picks for Top 100 Yoga Blogs. Please enjoy! Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we’re on a mission to forever change the way the.

Jun 15, 2015  · Dad blogs tend to cover a wide variety of subjects, but they aren’t so different from their mommy blog counterparts — there’s ample discussion about the.

Second, and even more important, there is our overall assessment of work in a given science in comparison with other sciences. The core natural sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry, biology) are so well established that we readily accept.

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Oct 03, 2003  · Doctors and scientists snipe at drug companies–and praise them. They also explain how medicine works.

St. Johns County students earned top honors in the 2012 River Region East Science Fair recently at First Coast Technical College. Joseph Paul, a senior at Ponte Vedra High School, won top honors in the senior division for his.

The “gay best friend” has become a common fixture in pop culture, from Will on “Will and Grace” to Titus Andromedon on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

The team of Moss Point Polymer I and II students dominated at the 2011 Polymer Science High School Competition,